2020 Winter Institute Announcement


2020 Winter Institute at Shanghai Theatre Academy

January 4th - 13th

Hosted by Shanghai Theatre Academy

Co-Sponsored by Brown, MIT, NYU, USC & Yale Universities


Scholars, practitioners, and students from USA and China will be gathering in Shanghai for the ninth time to share their experiences and expertise, to explore the physical, theoretical, and theatrical landscape of contemporary performance, and to contribute to the ongoing transformation of this city and other similar places in the world.


Topics of lectures, seminars, and workshops will cover:

Besides the lectures and workshops, STA will offer events of Chinese theatre/opera performances.


Scheduling will be flexible so as to provide opportunities for international and Chinese professors and students to share their experiences informally and explore possibilities for future joint projects and collaboration. 2 or 3 courses may overlap each other in the same time slot. Students need to choose preferred course accordingly.


The Winter Institute will accommodate up to 100 international and Chinese students, teachers and practitioners in the related fields. Tuition fee for students from the six sponsoring universities will be waived. Students from other institutions can participate for a nominal tuition fee of RMB 4,000 and outstanding students may apply for tuition scholarship from STA. Hotel stays (within walking distance) can be arranged for students through STA staff at a cost of approximately US$35 per person per day in a double room. Meal subsidy will be provided for selected students.


Deadline of application: December 31, 2019


Means of application:

For international students, please read the Guide for STA Online Application System.pdf and apply through the link below:


Download The Guide for STA Online Application System.pdf here:


(If you’ve already registered STA student, please apply through the link below: http://exchange.sta.edu.cn/?m=module_sta2_user.ui_portal.route)


International Cooperation Office, Shanghai Theatre Academy

Tel: 86-21-6248 6050

Email: stainstitute@163.com


Student Application Inquiry:

Email: stainstitute@hotmail.com