2020 Shanghai Summer School (Beijing Opera) at STA


Brief introduction:
The students will study three courses: Chinese opera practice, Chinese Opera theories and Chinese culture. The main course is the traditional Chinese opera, which is composed of the learning of Chinese opera steps and movements, water sleeve routines, spear and sword routines, and selected scene work. Chinese culture and language are supporting courses for students to better understand the essence of traditional Chinese culture. During the program, the students will have the opportunity to see traditional Chinese opera shows and take a field trip.

June 15– July 4, 2020
Chinese opera practice: 64 lessons
Chinese culture: 32 lessons
Chinese Opera related workshops: 8 lessons

The attendance rate over 90% is required for the program. At the end of the program, the students will be assessed in the form of a reporting performance. The certificate of completion will be issued on passing the assessment and getting the required attendance rate.


Tuition & Insurance: provided by Shanghai Theatre Academy
Lodging: provided by Shanghai Theatre Academy. Two students share a twin-bed room.
Meals: Shanghai Theatre Academy provides meal coupons for lunch and dinner at the canteen. Chinese, halal and vegetarian meals are available at the school canteen. For students who have special needs or allergy, you need to take care of your own meals.
Visa, international flights and all other expenses: to be borne by the students.

1. Foreign student’s between18-40 years old. University students preferred.
2. Interested in Chinese culture, and willing to learn China opera
3. Priority is given to students focusing on Chinese studies or with performance background such as acting and dancing.
4. Students from non-English speaking country should be able to communicate in English fluently.

The students shall apply for and receive the student visa (X2) with at least one-month stay in China in their own countries. Shanghai Theatre Academy will provide Formal Admission Letter and JW202 form for the visa application.

Application :
1. Please download User’s Guide for STA Online Application System here: http://iso.sta.edu.cn/30/list.htm
2. Then follow the guide to submit online application here: http://isoadmission.sta.edu.cn/
3. Application deadline: April 20, 2020

Materials required to upload:
1. Passport scan
2. One full front headshot (like passport photo) and one ordinary life photo
3. University certificate or enrollment document
4. CV

If you have any questions, please contact us via sta_international@163.com