2020 STA Fall Semester Program for Chinese Language Student


Chinese Language Program

Chinese language courses are taught by experienced language teachers.

The elementary level courses include reading, speaking and listening. The medium level and above include reading, speaking, listening, writing, Chinese culture, etc. There will be free optional classes in the afternoon, such as Tai Chi, Tutorial Session, Pronunciation, Calligraphy,etc.


Chinese language program is taught in six levels: A (without previous knowledge), B, C, D, E, F (HSK5-6 intersive training course)Students will be put into different levels according to the result of the entrance exam. The spring program usually starts from March every year, and the fall program starts from September, 20 classes each week and 18 weeks each semester. Class time is 8:30 to 11:40AM from Monday to Friday.


In the 2020 fall semester, we also offer online course of basic performance skills. Students should have the basic ability of reading/communicating in Chinese(about HSK 3 level).The course include Chinese language lessens,lines class and basic performance trainings.



The above courses will be conducted online or offline according to the national policies in the future. If applicants for each courses are less than 6, the course will be cancelled due to the cost.



2020 Spring program: Early September,2020-Middle January,2021

Application deadline: July30,2020

Registration date (for old students): Early September,2019(to be confirmed)

Registration date(for new students): Early September,2019(to be confirmed)



Tuition: RMB6,000-13,000 per semester.

Books:RMB300 per semester

Transferred students: We accept transferred students who are none beginners of Chinese language during the semester, please consult the International Students Office(ISO) first.


Application process

Application requirements

1\With high school certificate(or equals)or above

2\Above the age of 18 and under 60

3\Valid foreign passport



1\Go to iso.sta.edu.cn online application system to fill in your application form.

2\We will check your application documents and contact you via email.

3\Once the application accepted please pay your registration fee RMB 400,tuition fee and book fee to our financial office. You can choose to pay directly in the financial office or transfer it to us.

Account information


Account            31001539700050012523

Bank          China Construction Bank, Shanghai Yanan Road Branch

Bank Ad           200 Zhen Ning Road, Shanghai, China ,Post code 200040

Tel              0086-21-62261037

Swift Code       PCBCCNBJSHX



International Students Office, Shanghai Theatre Academy

630 Huashan Road, Shanghai China 200040

Tel: 0086-21-62485215      Email: staiso@hotmail.com

Contact person: He Xiuwen



Wechat: tingolovegoogle  



STA will issue the Admission Letter and JW202 Form to the students within 20 days after your application approved and you pay the tuition fee and other fees.



Please bring 3 passport-sized photos, the JW202 Form, Admission Letter and Physical Examination Record(not necessary for students who only study for one semester)to STA and pay the student card service fee, insurance fee, dormitory fee on the registration date.Any delay of admission must be approved by the International Students Office.



STA will issue documents for the students to apply for Students Visa or Residence Permit.

Students who will stay in China for more than 6 months should obtain a passport and student visa(X1 visa).Students who will stay in China for less than 6 months should obtain a passport and a students visa (X2 visa).


Accommodation(Hua Shan Road campus)

International Students can apply for international students apartment. Price: 50 RMB per day per person in a double room. 90 RMB per day per person in a single room. Our apartments are limited, often administered on a first-come, first-served basis.For those living off-campus, correct and detailed address needs to be provided to the International Students Office.



According to the regulations of Chinese Education Ministry, international students should purchase mandatory Foreign Students Overall Insurance during their stay in China. The insurance fee is RMB 800 per year, RMB 400 for four to six months.The insurance will be paid by the students and processed by the International Students Office.

Website of the insurance company: http://lxbx.net/index-e.html