2021 MA Program in Intercultural Communication Studies



STA’s bilingual (Chinese and English) MA program in Intercultural Communication Studies recruits excellent students with a bachelor’s degree or equivalent from top international and Chinese universities. This two-year English-taught program includes the required first year full-time residency and an optional second year residency for project-based internships. All students in residence are sponsored by STA with scholarships (tuition, accommodation, and stipend). After the first year, when the course work is completed, students can choose where to live and intern when they write their MA theses. Duration of study for the MA degree could be extended to maximum of four years. MA theses can be written in Chinese or English. Previous knowledge of Chinese is preferred, but not a prerequisite for this program.


STA is one of the most renowned art institutions in China, bases in Shanghai, a vibrant cosmopolitan city. Established in 1945, STA trains professionals in dramatic arts, traditional Chinese opera, film, television and dance.  The nine-year old Intercultural Communication Studies Program has a small cohort of students from all over the world. Students can develop skills and experiences in intercultural communications for flexible application in a variety of careers.


Entrance Examinations

Applicants are expected to have a strong interest in Chinese culture and intercultural communications in any academic and/or artistic field, including but not limited to performing arts, performance studies, literature and all forms of the media. Applicants need to fill out the application form before taking the entrance examinations, including a written test to answer two or three essay questions in the fields of arts and cultures and a Skype/telephone interview around May 30. Those who submit the application by May 15 will be given preference for entrance examinations. The admission notice will be mailed out by June 15.




The curriculum requires 36 credits, including 18 from the mandatory courses exploring the following topics:

l  An Introduction to Stage Performance of the Palace in Qing Dynasty, China

l  Case Studies on Intercultural Communication, a Lecture Series

l  Chinese History and Culture

l  Engaging Culture: Practice and Research Between Field and Performance

l  Intercultural Theatre: From Classical Greece to the Present

l  Modern Chinese Society and Politics through Film

l  Performance Studies

l  Technology, Media, and Performance

l  Traditional and Modern Chinese Arts and Performance in Global Perspectives


The remaining 18 credits are from elective courses, including:

l  3-4 in Chinese language courses (mandatory if Chinese is not proficient enough);

l  4-6 in studio courses (Chinese opera acting, Taiqi, filmmaking, body Architect Method, dance, etc);

l  4 in project courses (faculty advised production & other practical projects);


6 credits are for writing the MA thesis under the advisor’s supervision. These can be taken after the first year.


MA Thesis

    The MA thesis is the culmination of the student’s two-year study. It will start with a thesis proposal developed in consultation with professors, chosen at the end of Semester I, and will be examined by a group of three professors at the end of Semester II. After the acceptance of her/his proposal, the student will spend the next year, or more if needed, to write the thesis, while consulting with the MA advisor in person or electronically. Once completed, the thesis will be defended before a group of five professors. After a successful defense, the student will then be granted the MA degree at the next commencement ceremonies.


Online Application: http://isoadmission.sta.edu.cn/

Download User’s Guide: http://iso.sta.edu.cn/30/list.htm


Contact person:

Name:      Shirley Zou

Email:      micgirl@126.com

Tel:        0086 21 62498896

Address:    208 Zhongyi Bld(2), 630 Huashan Road, Shanghai, China