Shanghai Summer School Chinese Traditional Performance 2022 ONLINECourse


Shanghai Summer School- Chinese Traditional Performance Online Course is a nearly four-week course taught in English.It opens to the overseas institutions and individuals. It contains repertoire appreciation, lectures by famous artists, basic acting skills, short excerpt learning, and documentary videos to help the students understand the history, current situation and the prospect of traditional Chinese opera and its training system, as well as the stories of the practitioners ‘ striving and success.


These units present the traditional Chinese opera & its culturein the form of live broadcast andvideo learning. It provides high-quality documentary videos/lectures and the interactive online communication with the prominent professors and performers at the same time. In addition to the group class, students can also book individual online tutoring for more personalized needs.

We’ve invited

1.   Thefamous Chinese opera masters to record performance appreciation lectures.

2.   The Chinese opera performers from Shanghai Peking Opera Theatre who have pioneering spirits and run their own companies or experimental bases to show their works and their experience in artistic innovation and mechanism innovation

3.   The modern theatre professors who are familiar with Chinese Traditional performance to explain the application of traditional opera in contemporary productions

4.   The Chinese Opera teachers to guide the theory learning and practice of the movements, performances, character interactions, music, make-up and costumes.

These institutes and companies are on the list of interview and shooting to demonstrate the inheritance and development of the contemporary Chinese opera: Shanghai Chinese Opera School, Chinese Opera College, Shanghai Peking Opera Theatre, Shi Yihong's Hong Yimei Cultural Communication Co., Ltd., Wang Peiyu'sYuyin Pavilion and other institutions, etc.

After the students complete all the units online, the Shanghai Theatre Academy will assess the students through performance presentations, written tests, and oral presentations.

Course Schedule:(subject to change)

June 18– July 9, 2022

Chinese opera practice: 16 lessons

Chinese Opera Lectures and workshops: 13 lessons

Individual tutorials are available during week days.



    The attendance rate over 90% is required for the program. At the end of the program, the students will be assessed through performance presentations, written tests, and oral presentations. The certificate of completion will be issued on passing the assessment and getting the required attendance rate.



    No tuition fees required for the selected students.


1. Foreigners between16-45 years old. University students preferred.

2. Those interested in Chinese culture, and willing to learn China opera. 

    Priority is given to the students focusing on Chinese studies or with performance background.

3.Students from non-English speaking country should be able to communicate in English fluently.


Application Deadline: May 30th, 2022

Please complete online application athttp://isoadmission.sta.edu.cn/

Download Users Guide at http://iso.sta.edu.cn/30/list.htm

Contact person: Shirley Zou

Email: sta_international@163.com

Materials required to upload as attachments include:

1.Passport scan

2. Photos(One full front headshot and one ordinary life photo)

3.University degree or enrollment certificate

4.CV and other materials related to the application

5. Recommendation letters are preferred but NOT demanding