General Guide to Foreigner's Application


All applicants are required to submit online application for admission. Here's link of the application portal: . Applicants can download the guide here:

The admission requirements and application time slots vary on different programs. So please find the updated admission brochure of the program you want to apply and read it carefully before you start online application. The application submitted in wrong time slot will be rejected.

Below are the links of the admission brochures of different programs.

Undergraduate programs:  &  (usually released in late Dec.- early Jan.)

Graduate programs(MFA & Doctorate programs):  & 

(usually released in Mar.-Apr.)

Interculatural Communication Studies(MA) bilingual program:  (usually released in Jan.)

Non-degree programs:  

Important reminders:

1. Please note that 99% of our programs are taught in Chinese. For the undergraduate programs, we require HSK 4(220+). For the graduate programs, we require HSK 5(220+). However, if you want to pass our audition & entrance exam, you need to be very fluent in Chinese(close to native speaker). All the audition, entrance exam and the courses are in Chinese, together with Chinese students. We don't have separate courses in English for the foreign students except ICS MA program.

2. The only English taught degree program at STA is Interculatural Communication Studies(MA) program, which also provide first year A scholarship opportunities.The Admission Brochure of ICS program is usually released in late January each year.

3. All the undergraduate, master(MFA) and doctorate programs are self-paid when you admit. Students who perform well enough can apply for STA academic scholarship from the second year.