Regulation on International Student Dormitory



How to apply for admission

Those who officially enrolled at Shanghai Theatre Academy can apply for dormitory placement while registering in the foreign student’s enrollment portal.


Check-in and checkout procedures

1.    Students need to have their valid passport, admission notice or check-in notice from the international student office in order to check into the dormitory.

2.    A deposit of 300 RMB needs to be paid before students can get the room key and remote control. Students need to prepare the bedding and life necessities except mattress.

3.    The international student dormitory is only for the accommodation of enrolled international students. It should not be used for other purposes nor should students sublet to others.

4.    Students should not change rooms or beds without getting permission from the dormitory manager and international student office, otherwise students would be disqualified from living in the dormitory.

5.    Regardless of the reason for termination of study, students no longer have the right to live in the dormitory and should start checkout procedures right away.

6.    When students checkout, they must return the room key and complete the room check procedures together with the dormitory management personnel.The deposit will be refunded after the check-out procedures complete. If there are any item missing or damaged, the students should pay for compensation.

7.    Checkout and item removal

8.    Students need to vacate the room and remove all personal belongings at the end of the stay. Students can keep their rooms for additional 7 days if they have special reasons. If the belongings are not removed after that period, they will be treated as abandoned articles. The school holds no responsibility for taking care of them.

9.    If students need to extend their stay, they must apply to the international student office at least one month in advance. The office will decide whether or not to renew the student’s residence according to the conditions of the dormitory at that time and the student’s performance during the stay. Students need to pay all the fees before they are eligible for extension. Those who pay accommodation fees in full for the new semester will be given priority in booking. During the stay, those who violate the rules more than two times (including two times) will not be allowed to extend their stay.



1.     In principle, two international students share a room. The room fee for each person is 50 RMB per day. If one self-funded student has special needs while the empty single rooms are available, he/she can apply for a single room which costs 90 RMB per day. There are only a few single rooms available so it follows the rule that first come, first get. If one self-funded student wants to book a double room, he/she needs to pay the cost of the whole room, which is 100 RMB per day.

2.     Students can stay in the dormitory after paying for their rooms. Before moving into the dormitory, students must go to the international student office so that they could issue a dormitory fee payment form and then fees must be paid in full at the financial office. If students check out during the semester, the dormitory fee will not be refunded. If there is a special reason for checking out, the dormitory fee will be recalculated according to standard charges, and the student will receive a refund after filling out the refund form.

3.     Water is free (cold water) in the international student dormitory. The electrical is subsidized 200 KW per month for a single room and 250 KW per month for a double room. The extra electricity fee should be borne by students (0.61RMB/kilowatt). The dormitory management personnel will read the electricity meter together with the new students when students check in. At the end of each month, the electrical consumption of each room will be checked.

4.     Students who leave the dormitory for the holidays but wish to retain their   rooms will be charged 45 RMB per person per day for single rooms and 25 RMB per person per day for double rooms.

5.     Students can use Alipay to use the washing machine and the heater on the 18th floor of the dormitory building. If students don’t have Alipay, they can borrow dormitory personnel’s washing machine and pay 4 RMBfor each load.

6.     If the room key is lost and need a replacement, the fee is 10 RMB.

7.     Hot water charges 0.18RMB/minute, which can only be used after students swipe with their campus cards. No less than 5RMB in the card can operate the hot water system.

8.     STA holds the right to adjust all above prices according to the real costs.


Room management

1.    Room inspection

Dormitory management personnel are allowed to enter the rooms during working hours for cleaning, equipment maintenance and other safety measures. Students will be informed in advance of dormitory personnel entering the rooms when safety inspections are being carried out.

2.    Dormitory management personnel are authorized to confiscate items that violatedormitory regulations.

3.    Room adjustments

For the effective use of resources, dormitory managementpersonnel are allowed to make adjustments to the students’ room arrangements. Students are usually given 3 days notice on it..

4.    NO strangers are allowed into dormitory rooms.

5.    The dormitory management personnel provideclean service only for public areas. Students are responsible to clean their own rooms.

6.    Smoking is prohibited in the international student dormitory. Students should keep indoor and outdoor areas clean. No hole making, scribbling or pasting on the walls inthe rooms or the corridors are allowed. No litter in the dormitory building or throwing things out of the windows. Pets are not allowed in the dormitory. Breaking these rules will result in cancellation of dormitory lease.


Public areas


1.    Please keep public areas clean and tidy. Do not stack personal belongings, litter, scribble on the walls and post notices.

2.    Please keep quiet in public area. Brawls are not allowed.  Do not play stereos loudly.

3.    Smoking, drinking and carrying large quantities of alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited in public areas.

4.    The selling of goods and services is not allowed in the dormitory without prior permission.


Item maintenance

1.    Please do not move the furniture and equipment provided in the dormitory. The dormitory has the right to claim compensation in the event of loss or damage.

2.    Students should use the furniture, equipment and other everyday items properly, otherwise they will need to compensate for any damages that occur besides those caused by normal wear and tear.  Compensation costs are according to the prices listed.

3.    Damage to the facilities will need to be repaired in a timely manner. The dormitory will not be held responsible for the damage of personal belongings caused by the failure to report damages on time.

4.    If there’s a need for repairs in the dormitory, please contact the dormitory management personnel as soon as possible.



In case of an emergency, please contact the dormitory staff immediately.

1.    No inflammable and explosive materials should be stored in the dormitory, and no fireworks should be set off inside or outside the building.

2.    It is forbidden to use electric blankets, halogen lamps, quartz heaters, hotplates, electric rice cookers, fast heating, liquefied gas furnace, electric cups and other appliances that would easily cause a fire in the room.

3.    Students can cook or reheat food only in the public kitchen.

4.    It is forbidden to light candles or to have open flames in rooms and public areas.

5.    Throwing objects out of the window is strictly prohibited.

6.    Please take good care of personal belongings and cash. The school will not be responsible for the loss or damage of any belongings brought into the dormitory.

7.    Keys should not be casually lent to others. Make sure to lock the doors, and close the windows properly and also turn off the electricity when leaving the dormitory to avoid accidents.

8.    No smoking in the rooms.

9.    Please do not overload electrical sockets by plugging too many appliances in at once. Do not use electrical equipment that are not up to safety standards.

10. Don’t twist wires indiscriminately.


Criminal activities prohibited in the dormitory

1.    It is strictly forbidden to manufacture, use, store and sell illegal drugs.

2.    It is strictly forbidden to possess weapons, explosives or inflammable and explosive toxic substances.

3.    Physical and psychological harassment, sexual harassment and racial discrimination are strictly prohibited.

4.    Gambling is strictly prohibited in the dormitory.


Quiet time

1.    In order to ensure residents are able to rest, quiet time is from 23:30 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. Please refrain from being noisy during this time period.

2.    Students should keep noise at a reasonable level at all times so as to avoid disturbing others.




Visitors are allowed into the dormitory during visiting hours (8:00-22:00).

1.    Residents should accompany their visitors throughout their entire visit.

2.    Visitors must register with management personnel upon entry using a valid ID.

3.    Visitors need to sign out when they leave.

4.    Visitors are not allowed to stay overnight.

5.    Visitors will be denied in special situations, like Covid-19 close-down.


Penalty for violation of regulations

The dormitory manager has the right to admonish students who violate dormitory rules and regulations including: being noisy, drinking in public areas, smoking, having overnight guests and other behaviors that will have adverse effects. In serious cases, students will be disqualified from having dormitory accommodation.



There is Internet access in the room which could be used free of charge 24 hours a day.


Postal services

Please use the following address format for letters or express packages being sent to the dormitory:

No. 355 West Yan'an road, Shanghai, China, 200086

Shanghai Theater Academy International student dormitory 18th floor

Room number

Name and telephone number


Often used phone numbers

Dormitory Manager: 0086-21-62485231

International Students Office Tel: 0086-21-62485215 / 0086-21-62498896

Students Building Office Tel: 0086-21-62498682/ 0086-21-62498685

Ambulance 120

Police 110

Fire 119

Telephone enquiry 114