2018 Winter Institute at Shanghai Theatre Academy


2018 Winter Institute at Shanghai Theatre Academy

January 4th through 13th

Hosted by Shanghai Theatre Academy and

Co-sponsored by Brown, Columbia, NYU & Yale Universities


Scholars, practitioners, and students from all over the world will be gathering in Shanghai for the seventh time to share their experiences and expertise, to explore the physical, theoretical, and theatrical geographies of contemporary performance, and to contribute to the ongoing transformation of this city and other, similar places in the world.


Topics of lectures, seminars, and workshops will cover:

  • Creating theatre in various forms

  • Writing, performing and directing skills

  • Stage art

  • Intercultural performance


    Faculty will include:

    Brown University

  • Matthew Guttmann (with Chiayi Seetoo from STA)- workshop: Participant Observation and Documentary Drama-making


    Columbia University

  • James Calleri - workshop: Scene Study

  • Susan Cameron – workshop:Accent Reduction

    New York University

  • Nathan Flower - workshop: Movement and Physical Performance for Actors

  • Louis Scheeder -lecture: Actor Training, focusing on script-based basic skills vs avant-garde “post dramatic” experiments; workshop: Acting O’neil

    Yale University

  • Shawn Boyle - workshop: Projection Master Class

  • Anna Glover – workshop: Theatrical Safety Risk Management


    Shanghai Theatre Academy and Special Guests

    GONG Baorong (STA) – lecture: Theatrical Adaptation and Creation in the Context of Integration of Chinese and Western Cultures

    GUO Yu (STA) –lecture: Intercultural Theatre

    LIU Qing (STA) – lecture: Huaji Xi (Funny Theatre): The Indigenous Genre of Shanghai

    SHEN Liang (STA) – lecture: Theatre and Community

    YI Tianfu (STA) – lecture: Chinese Stage Design in the Context of Contemporary Arts

    SUN Shaoyi (STA) – lecture: Imagining the Foreign in Contemporary Chinese Cinema

    XU Jiali, etc. (STA) – workshop: Intro to Beijing Opera Acting

    ZHU Guohua (ECNU) – lecture: Two Kinds of Aesthetic Modernity: Two Case Studies on the Literary Events Involving Yu Dafuand Oscar Wilde

    YAN Qinggu (Shanghai Peking Opera Company) – lecture:A Clown’s Interpretation: Finding Beauty from the“Ugliness”

    TAN Dun (Oscar winning composer) – Music of/with/by Water


Besides the lectures and workshops, STA will offer performance events including:

The enrolment capacity is up to total of 60 students, international and Chinese. Tuition fees for students from the five sponsoring universities will be waived. Students from other universities can participate for a nominal tuition fee of US $2,000 and outstanding students may apply for tuition scholarship from STA. Hotel stays (within walking distance) can be arranged for students by STA staff at a cost of approximately $35 per person per day in a double room. Meal subsidy will be provided for enrolled students.

Deadline of application: December 22, 2017

Means of application: through email, on confirmation of receipt

Please refer to the application form attached


International Cooperation Office, Shanghai Theatre Academy

Tel: 86-21-6248 6050

Email: sta_international@163.com

Student Application:

Email: stainstitute@hotmail.com

 WI Application Form 2018.docx