No./ Major /Specialty /Detail
1. Acting Acting  for theatre, TV & film 
Acting for musical 
Acting for Chinese opera  
Beijing Opera instruments
Folk music instruments
Kun Opera  instruments
Acting for Chinese opera musical
Puppeteering for hand puppet
Puppeteering and puppet-making
Classical dance
Folk dance
Ballroom dance
Children’s musical  

2. Directing Directing for theatre, TV & film
Directing for Chinese  opera

3. Dramatic Literature Playwriting
Dramatic theories  

4. Drama, TV & Film Design Stage design
Lighting  design
Costume and makeup design
Theatre management
Costume and  makeup design for Chinese opera

5. Broadcasting and TV Hosting

6.TV &  Film Programming and Directing

7. Choreography

8. Art Design Graphic  design
Interior design
Game, cartoon & animation design &  production
Visual expression

9. Arts Education Educational theatre

10.  Public Administration Culture and creativity management
Visual art  exhibition
Auditory art exhibition
Community culture management

11.  Media Creativity

12. Composition and Theories Arrangement for arias and music  of Beijing opera and Kun opera